USS Andromeda- Commanding Officer


Favorite food: Hot fudge sundaes, pancakes

Favorite Drink: Cafe Mocha, Saurian brandy, Root beer.


Space: the final frontier. This is where Rebecca “Becky” Martindale was born to Commander Winston “Wink” Martindale and his wife Lisa. He was the xo of the USS Lexington and she was chief Nurse. Becky was their precious daughter and it was quite evident that she could wrap her daddy around her little finger. As she grew, it became apparent that Becky was very smart and very inquisitive. She proved to be quite the escape artist. Somehow she managed to get away from her mom and her babysitters on a regular basis. She would wonder about the ship and ask questions like “Why is your skin blue? “Why do you have those things on your head?” to an andorian , “Why do you look like an elf?” to a vulcan. The crew quickly grew used to her inquisitive nature. Many of the Vulcan’s onboard were rather taken by it. They saw how intelligent she was even at a young age and tried to direct her curiosity in positive directions.. Too young to know about being rude, the precious little girl was always asking about this , that and the other things. Her curiosity did get her into trouble on more than one occasion. Fortunately she was never seriously injured.

Her parent did their best to keep her in check but it was a job and a ½. Still they gave her all the love they could. The ship was her home and the crew her family. When she was 5 years old her father became the Captain of the Excalibur. So Becky had to say goodbye to all her friends on the Lexington.

By the time she was 14 she knew for sure she wanted to go to the academy and follow in her father’s footsteps and be a starship captain. She worked hard and got good grades. In fact she was top of her class. Becky had friends but she tended to be on the serious side.

Finally she applied and was accepted at the academy. There she met M’rlee, a Caitian. M’rlee was her roommate and the two quickly became best friends. M’rlee was an engineering major and loved to have fun. She taught Becky to let loose once in a while and to cut loose sometimes. They balanced each other out pretty well. She also exposed Becky to old earth music from the 1970’s and 80’s. Becky absolutely fell in love with the music. She and M’rlee embarked on many adventures and their fair share of mischief. During their Junior year, they took a trip to Australia during the mid-term break. There, they discovered surfing. Becky took her fair share of spills but of course M’rlee, with her feline agility had a much easier time. But with determination, she got the hang of it and loved it. She got pretty good at it and had a blast doing it. It is now one of her favorite sports. They both graduated with Honors, Becky was valedictorian. They served together for a few years but their careers took different paths and they ended up on different ships. Many a time Becky regretted not having her best friend with her until the fateful encounter with the Borg at wolf 359. Becky was XO under captain John Jameson, a long time family friend they worked together really well. However he was killed when the Borg attacked. She had to take charge. Thru daring and sheer determination and a dash of ingenuity Becky got some good shots in . a did respectable amount of damage before the ship was too damaged and they had to abandon it. Fortunately that was about the time the battle ended due to the enterprise putting the Borg to sleep. Becky and many others survived but she will carry those memories with her for the rest of her life. Her father was promoted to admiral during that time. It was after that she adopted streaky , her cat at M’rlee’s instance. She came by after Becky went home to San Francisco to stay with her parents for a while so she could recover. Part therapy, part bosom buddy, always good companion. Now, a new era has dawned for her ss she is now a Starship captain and is taking command of the Andromeda, a galaxy class vessel. Becky is excited and looking forward to taking the reins.


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